Dr. Mowery’s Juice Fast Day 8 (Summary) – Video Blog

VIDEO: Pure Health Naturopathic Doctor Juice Fast Summary Day 8

My juices over the last few days of the fast (day 6-8) consisted of different variations of the vegetables and fruits listed below.

  • General juice ingredients: (all organic) dinosaur kale, red kale, chard, cilantro, granny smith apple, carrots, cucumber, lime, broccoli, celery, baby spinach, baby kale, cilantro, parsley, beets.

1 week post fast update:

The juice fast went smoothly and met my intended goal, which was for it to be the first step in recommitting myself eating fresh “real” foods and starting a proper exercise routine. The fast jump-started my energy and helped me stay in an appropriate sleeping schedule. For the last few weeks it has been easier to go to bed earlier and wake earlier for a daily exercise routine. It has also adjusted my palate/cravings towards fresh healthy foods. I’ve been craving fresh vegetables, nuts, seeds, nut butters, fruits, etc.

Whats Next?

Since stopping the juice fast I decided to test out a whole body cleanse kit from Integrative Therapeutics to continue supporting my body’s ability to detox and eliminate wastes. So far I really like it. Post fast I’m also taking a enzyme supplement (Critical Digestion by Enzyme Science) with meals to aid in the digestion process. Critical Digestion is the best digestion supplement I know of. If you have any gas there is something that is out of balance in your GI system. The most common reasons for gassy bowels I see in practice are poor eating habits (eating on the run or in a stressed state), and enzyme deficiencies (which are commonly caused by eating while stressed/poor mealtime hygiene).

In-between meals I’m taking GI Revive by Designs for Health because it is the best supplement I know of to nourish and sooth the gut lining. If your GI system isn’t health you just can’t truly be healthy. The GI system is where nutrition is absorbed, metabolic and environmental wastes are released. The gut flora and integrity of the lining govern the state of our immune system, and is where most of the neurotransmitters in our body are made. If the gut is inflamed we will not absorb nutrients well (supplements are no exception – so you are wasting your money on expensive supplements if the gut isn’t in order), we can not eliminate wastes well, will will produce less neurotransmitters (which are vital in the bodies communication pathways), and will likely be fatigued from all of the above plus the likelihood bodies immune system fighting the foods we eat most often (look up leaky gut syndrome).

If you are worried about your health, have faith because healing is possible! You just have to create the conditions for health to exist which is what I do in practice. I teach my patients the principles and natural laws the need to apply into their lives to reclaim their health. Healing the gut and eliminating toxins properly is a part of that.

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