Welcome to Pure Health Naturopathic Clinic, located in the East Valley of Phoenix Arizona. Serving all of Arizona and Utah.

We believe that the body is designed to self-heal. When it isn’t able to fully do it’s job, it’s most often because of an obstacle preventing it from healing, or a deficiency present in the system. Those obstacles and deficiencies are not just on the physical level, but can concurrently be on the mental, emotion, or even spiritual levels.

Our job is to investigate and treat those obstacles or deficiencies (aka “root causes”) that are keeping you from healing. This most often means we are taking time to listen to your history and make a plan unique to you. We are not just following a protocol based on your past diagnosis.

We synergistically use several ancient and modern tools and modalities to treat the root causes as we discover them. Overall our goal is to be your guide, and help you make the changes necessary to create an environment that promotes healing in your life.

Have hope, healing is possible!

We look forward to being your guide on your path towards greater health. Schedule a free health consult or an initial patient visit today by clicking HERE.

Listen to Dr. Mowery on the “Make me better” podcast.

Dr. Mowery was recently on the “Make Me Better in 15 minutes” podcast with Chris Cuttshall discussing the laws that govern health and the personal experience he had as a young man that inspired him to become a naturopathic medical doctor.

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Meet Travis Mowery ND/NMD, VNMI

Dr. Mowery is an licensed Naturopathic Physician in Arizona and Utah and a certified Vitalist by the Naturopathic Medicine Institute where he has been mentored by several elders of the Naturopathic Profession. He graduated from Sonoran University’s 4 year Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine program, and prior earned a Bachelors in Health Science with an emphasis in public health from Brigham Young University Idaho. In addition to his passion for educating others about the laws and principles that govern health, he loves to educate others about the outdoors and the healing power of nature. He is an Eagle Scout and grew up camping, hiking, backpacking, hunting, and exploring the northwest monthly. He loves sharing his love of history, classic cars, birding, archery, mountain biking, backpacking, outdoor skills, and currently serves in the youth program for his local church congregation.

Since his youth, Dr. Mowery has always wanted to support his family by helping others. He discovered naturopathic medicine after becoming chronically ill during his first year in college. After seeing multiple doctors, he was dismayed by the limited options he was presented with for treatment. He was saddened that he not only wasn’t healing after following every recommendation his doctors gave him, but was suffering new pains and other side-effects from the prescribed medications. He thought there had to be another option. After many prayers and a little research, he found naturopathic medicine.

After seeing a naturopathic physician who looked at him holistically, he finally began to heal. He was surprised by how simple and effective the treatments were.  He learned that the body can heal itself if you provide it with the right tools and reduce the obstacles that are preventing the body from healing.

This experience is what motivated Dr. Mowery to change his career path and go to one of the seven naturopathic medical schools in North America. He loves working with his patients as their guide in helping them to regain their health. In addition to conventional treatments, Dr. Mowery is trained in acupuncture, herbal/botanical medicine, manipulation of soft tissues and bones, nutrition, nutraceuticals (supplements), mind-body medicine, emotional trigger/trauma processing, and muscle testing techniques. 

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