With all of the confusion on what insurance companies will and will not cover today, we have designed  two affordable membership plans that allow you to supplement your current health insurance coverage with the naturopathic modalities that support your bodies ability to self-heal.

Besides the traditional “pay per visit” model, we have monthly and annual membership plans available. Please contact us with any questions that are not answered on this page.

Monthly Wellness Plan

Our monthly wellness plan was designed with the average middle-income family in mind. Most families have some type of health insurance but it doesn’t outright cover natural therapies or seeing a naturopathic doctor. Our monthly wellness plan supplements what your insurance doesn’t cover. It makes your average visit cost similar to what a co-pay is with a monthly membership fee that is cheaper than your cable or phone bill.

With a small monthly commitment, our services are on average 40% off our already affordable standard pricing. The monthly commitment also encourages our patients to take advantage of the program they signed up for by coming in and communicating with us more often. This results in an even better treatment outcome.

Below is the pricing comparison between our monthly wellness membership model and our non-membership prices.

Services Offered
Membership Price* Non-Membership Price
Initial Office Visit $99 $159
Follow Up Office Visit $59 $99
Acupuncture Initial Visit $89 $119
Acupuncture Follow Up Visit $59 $99
Acupuncture Package (4 visits) $199 $349
Homeopathic Remedies No Charge $10 + tax
Annual Physical Exam No Charge $89
Medicinary Discount 20% Discount 0%
*Membership Pricing with 1 year signed contract $39/month for a single member and $49/month for the whole family. Monthly memberships will be automatically deducted from debit or credit card each month.


Payment for services is due at the time that services are rendered.

Payments may be made in cash, check, debit card, MC, Visa or Discover.

Annual Wellness Plan

45% of Americans have been diagnosed with at least 1 chronic disease. This plan was designed with those patients in mind. It is designed to make naturopathic medicine more affordable for those who would benefit by coming in more frequently. We use numerous in office treatments/therapies which all have the potential of supporting the body in a way to reverse chronic disease.  This plan also allows us to try new therapies and variations of them without it costing the patient more money.

Often chronically ill patients would benefit by coming in 2-3x a week for treatments that help support the bodies vitality/the bodies ability to heal itself. As the body begins to heal the frequency of the treatments will usually decrease within the first few months.

With this plan you can see our naturopathic doctor as often as is needed* and will have access to our online medicinary with 20% off. This plan will give those who are chronically ill the best chance of healing by coming in as often as needed without worrying about the price.

Click here to check our current Annual wellness plan price and enrollment status through our online store. You can also contact us to check if our annual wellness is still in open enrollment.

*As often as needed is ultimately under the discretion of Pure Health Naturopathic Clinic and Dr. Mowery. Please contact us with any questions about our Annual Wellness Plan.

  • The body has potential to heal itself with the right tools