Premium Annual Wellness Package


The premium health care package allows you unlimited visits (within reason) with Travis Mowery NMD for the length of 1 year from date of purchase.


This package covers the cost of the initial visit and unlimited follow ups for one patient over the length of one year with a Dr. Mowery.

Often patients do not receive the care they need because their insurance does not cover natural therapies or they cannot afford to come in as often as they would like. Our premium package not only makes naturopathic medicine affordable but it also does not cost you more when you need it most! It is common that patients would greatly benefit by coming in several times for in-office therapies such as acupuncture or physical medicine during the first month or two of treatment. Whether it be for pain, fatigue, or other imbalances this allows patients to get the care they need to heal without worrying about the price.

Benefits of this package:
– Direct access to Dr. Mowery
– Unlimited in office treatments (See the list of treatments/modalities below)
– Access to professional quality supplements
– 20% discount from our online medicinary

In office follow up visits may include but are not limited to the following:
-Acupuncture & cupping techniques
-Oriental acupressure
-Spinal and soft tissue adjustments
-Diet assessment and planning
-Nutritional supplement prescriptions and recommendations
-Muscle testing techniques
-Gemstone acupuncture
-Visualization therapies
-Various emotional and energy release techniques
-Detoxing/Drainage therapies
-Muscle-energy release techniques
-Pharmaceutical prescriptions