Chronic Pain Package

$5,000.00 $4,600.00

This is an all inclusive 6 month package to treat patients with long-term pain.



If you have been suffering with chronic pain and this package is designed for you. It is an all inclusive 6 month package that includes the office visits, specialized dietary labs, and supplements. Our goal is to holistically assess and treat the underlying imbalances that have lead to chronic pain, not just the symptoms. Office visits include the initial intake, follow up intakes, dietary assessments, and in-office treatments. In-office treatments may include weekly to bi-weekly acupuncture/gemstone acupuncture, spinal/soft tissue adjustments, specialized stretches/exercises, and various other techniques to support your body to self-heal. Because the contributing factors to pain very from person to person we recommend you first schedule a free consult with Dr. Mowery before purchasing this package so he may answer any of your questions.